Insurance requirements for PFCO operators

The CAA require that operators obtain insurance that meets the requirements of EC Regulation 785/2004

Below is some information regarding drone insurance companies and what items to consider when choosing your cover level.

This information is for guidance only, ensure you have the appropriate insurance to cover your needs.

Things To Consider

There will be vast differences between the needs of a start-up with one operator to the needs of a larger company operating a fleet of drones.

  • Does it meet EC Regulation 785/2004 – if not you will not be issued a PFCO, the insurance you looking at is most likely a form of photography insurance and not for drone operators
  • How am I covered for theft when my drone is at home/office, being transported or at the operating site?
  • Limit on flying hours per month
  • How is a claim handled – new for old
  • Limit to drone numbers and class
  • Hired in equipment cover
  • Cover for accidental damage / loss
  • Public liability cover amount – £2m is normally a starting point some clients will require £5m or £10m. this will increase you premium.
  • Number of pilots covered
  • multiple UAS in the air at the same time

Your needs will likely change over time so consider how easy it is to make amendments to your policy.

Most insurers offer policy’s to cover you whilst in training or for flight assessments, you will need to have insurance in place to cover you for the day of the flight test and a policy active when submitting the application for PFCO.

Drone Insurance Providers


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If your an insurance company providing compliant cover for drones and would like to be listed here please contact us.