Training by professional drone pilots, giving you a head start in the drone industry

Our courses are delivered by experienced drone pilots who make a living from their commercial drone operations. The use of drones is growing year on year, we would like to pass on our knowledge to ensure that drone pilots new to commercial operation are given the best training possible.

By Commercial Drone Pilots

Our courses are delivered by commercial drone pilots, passing on their first hand knowledge.

Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor

Flight tests on classes of UAS 0 – 20kg, we specialise in both Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support, additional services such as yearly renewals and advanced training.

Our Location

Training is carried out in our dedicated classroom, come and see a drone business in operation.

How to get your Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO)

CAA PFCO route

In order to gain your PFCO (Permission for commercial operation) the following needs to be completed;

Proof of theoretical knowledge – Attend one of our CAA approved NQE ( National Qualified Entity) ground schools and pass a theory exam. There are alternative methods to prove theoretical knowledge such as a PPL (Private Pilots Licence)

Operations Manual – This is the document that sets out how you are going to conduct your business safely, detailing your operating procedures, safety measures and more. You are guided through this process with UAV Trade Craft. On our 5 day Fast Track course we aim to complete this on site by day 4, on our 3 day courses you are introduced to the Operations Manual to complete this from home with support via email and phone.

Flight Test – You are assessed against your operations manual using your drone, this is as much a test of your operating procedures as your flying skills.

Submitting your application to the CAA – with the above completed you are ready to submit the application to the CAA, the application process is now online. To accompany your application you need the following;

  • Recommendation certificates from UAV TradeCraft, and any other supporting documents.
  • at least 2 hours logged flights in the last 3 months for each pilot named.
  • The Fee
  • Valid Insurance (must conform to the CAA requirements and be valid from the time of the application)
  • Operations manual as a PDF

CAA Approved – PFCO Courses We Offer

CAA PFCO 5 Day Fast Track

Course completed in 5 Days

Theory course and exam

Operations Manual completed by day 4

Flight Test on day 5

Apply to the CAA online once the course is complete.

CAA PFCO 3 Day Course

Attend the 3 day theory and exam

Complete the Operations Manual from home with assistance via email and phone

Flight Test at your convenience when you are ready

Apply to the CAA online once the course is complete.

Existing qualification short course

If you have proof of existing theoretical knowledge such as PPL

We offer abbreviated courses to bridge the gap between your current knowledge, what is required and what will make you a better equipped to be a commercial drone pilot / operator.

Flight test included

Operations manual assistance

Apply to the CAA online once the course is complete.

Flight Tests

A Flight test is included with our 3 and 5 day courses

Flight tests can be carried out for extra categories such as;

Multi-Rotor  0-20kg

Fixed-Wing 0-20kg

Additional courses and services

Corporate / Company Training

Need training for your company and staff, we can offer training at our facilities or yours.

Greater assistance in producing your company Operations Manual.

Suitable for SME’s, large corporations and Educational establishments.

Contact us for a bespoke quote and more information.

Additional Pilots

Adding drone pilots to your business?

we offer training for pilots who will be using your PFCO

3 Day course with theory and flight test.

Operational Safety Case

Assistance in preparing an Operational Safety Case (OSC).

As a company with their own OSC we can help with the submission of yours.

Bespoke service.

1 on 1 Flight Skills

1 on 1 flight training.

Build hours and confidence.

Multi-Rotor and Fixed-Wing.

From basic to advanced.

Tailored to your needs.